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Chamber History

Surry County Courthouse

The Surry County Chamber of Commerce began organizing in early 1991 and held its first membership reception on March 26, 1991.  There were 54 prospective members and guests present.  Earl T. Hall was installed as the Charter president. The purpose of founding the Chamber was to form a coalition of cooperation between the people of Surry County, the Surry County Business Community, and the local government of Surry County.  The original logo for the Chamber (three clasped hands) depicted the aim and desire of the three components of society to work together in accomplishing the goals necessary for a better community.

Government Center
Surry County Government Center

The Chamber began by identifying several areas of concern that had plagued the County for many years. 
The first major project undertaken (Operation Party Line) was an effort to overhaul the extemely outdated and antiquated telephone communications system that existed in Surry County.
Another notable project was a combined effort to
improve transportation deficiencies in the County. The Jamestown-Scotland Ferry system was operated as a toll facility by the Virginia Department of Transportation and was deemed an obstacle to the future development of Surry County and a financial burden to its citizens.  The Chamber was also instrumental in causing major changes that have done much to rectify this deficiency.

The Surry County Chamber of Commerce continues to serve the people of Surry County and is open to anyone who has a vision and desire to be a participant for the betterment of our community.



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