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About Surry

Smith's Fort
Smith’s Fort Plantation

Surry County was settled as a part of the Jamestown Settlement. In 1607, English settlers from the Virginia Company of London visited the Quioughcohancock Indians near the present town of Claremont in Surry County. The ships, which could not ride near the south shore, took the first colonists to settle on the north side of the James River.

By 1609, Surry County's Smith Fort was built on Grays Creek and Hog Island had settlers, hogs and a fort.

Hog Island
Hog Island
  • Population (2011 estimate): 6,931
  • Land Area (2000): 279 square miles
  • Major Industry: Agriculture/Dominion Resources
  • Homeownership Rate (2013): 74.1%
  • Schools: Public and Private
  • Government: Board of Supervisors
  • Median Income (2013): $53,505






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